Nexus 6 Giveaway!

Get the latest of Google with Nexus 6

We’ve decided to give you free smartphones from time to time, especially when a new model gets released. Now we’re going to offer you a free Google’s latest flagship device, Nexus 6, which is now available to purchase through Google Play.

This is a giveaway, so there isn’t much you must do in order to win the new Nexus 6. You will only have to complete the given tasks below.

Nexus 6 giveaway winner will be announced in a new blog post on December 3rd on, when we’ll also ship the prize internationally.

Nexus 6 Giveaway
As you probably know already, we try to keep our giveaways as simple as possible, because we want to keep our readers happy.
In order to enter the giveaway, you need to follow just three steps:

  1. Like the on their official facebook page
  2. Follow the on Twitter
  3. Follow the Phonelint on Instagram
  4. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus (you don’t have to share it on all of them if you don’t want to. You can use the buttons below the post)
  5. Leave a comment below.

This is an international giveaway and we will ship the Nexus 6 for free anywhere in the world. If we can’t we’ll send the prize’s amount as Google play gift card.

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