Pebble appstore launching on iOS, Monday, coming to Android ‘very soon’ after

Pebble has confirmed to us that its Pebble appstore will be launchingto iOS users on Monday, 3 February at 10am PST.

The Pebble appstore was first announced in December 2013, and shown off in-depth at CES 2014 in January alongside the new Pebble Steel. The appstorewill integrate with the Pebble smartphone appfor iOS and Android for searching, browsing, and installing new Pebble apps on the smartwatch.

Pebble calls the appstore a one-stop shop for everything Pebble, making it easy to find the apps you can use to customise or enhance the features of the watch. In typical app market place fashion, the Pebble appstore will be broken down into categories including “daily living” and “sports fitness” to help the searching process.

The Pebble can only have eight apps loaded at one time. It has been detailed Pandora, ESPN, Mercedes-Benz, Yelp, Foursquare, GoPro, and iControl will have apps launching on Monday.

We’ll have to wait and see other partners when the update hits the App Store.
The Android version of the Pebble app store is coming “very soon” Pebble told us, with a beta APK seeding to developers on Monday for testing.

The launch of the Pebble appstore will be important for the Pebble ecosystem, given customers have had to use third-party sites to find apps until now. It’s not a “smart” product until it has an app marketplace, right?
Pebble says that 3 million apps and watch faces have been downloaded so far and things should be much more simple once there’s a centralised place to find them.

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