Google releases first mini games for Google Glass

Google is hoping to inspire Google Glass developers with a new set of mini games for the platform. The games experiment with the features and tools of Glass, and the company hopes it demonstrates the possibilities of gaming using a wearable.

The games aren’t too technical – don’t think you’ll be throwing your new Xbox One out of the window just yet.
Tennis uses your head as the racket, as the Glass gyroscope and accelerometer work together to gauge the player’s head tilts to move left and right.

Balance uses your head to shift around and stop a pile of shapes from toppling over. Clay Shooter lets you tell “Pull!” and you move your head to the clay pigeonin the air to shoot it. Matcher is a card-matching game, and Shape Splitter lets you use your hands to slice shapes in mid-air.
“Each game is visually simple and straight forward to play,” Google wrote. “We intentionally wanted games that are quick to get into when you have a few, free minutes and just as easy to get out of when you want to turn your attention back to reality.”

The five games released by Google each use a different set of developer tools and standards to show game creators what they can do. It’s obvious Google wasn’t going for award winners here, but instead, wants to inspire developers into creating great games for the Glass platform before its release to consumers in 2014.

Source: Google Glass Developers

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