OneDrive: The new global name for SkyDrive, as Microsoft adheres to court order

Microsoft has changed the name of its SkyDrive cloud service to OneDrive. It was found in a UK court in June 2013 that the original name infringed on a trademark owned by British broadcaster and network BSkyB.
Microsoft agreed to change the name without appealing the decision, but was allowed to use the SkyDrive branding “for a reasonable period of time to allow for an orderly transition to a new brand”. That time has now expired and the new name has been revealed.
Sky’s case claimed that the SkyDrive name could cause confusion with the Sky broadband offering. Although the judgement only applied to the European Union, meaning Microsoft could have continued to use the branding in the US and other countries, it was decided that a worldwide name change was necessary to ensure consistency.
“We are pleased to have reached a settlement after Microsoft agreed not to appeal the trade mark infringement judgement in relation to its SkyDrive service,” Sky told Pocket-lint in a statement after the original court judgement. “We will remain vigilant in protecting the Sky brand and will continue to take appropriate action against those companies who seek to use our trade mark without consent.”
Why the OneDrive name? Microsoft says: “Because it is one place for all documents and one place that is seamlessly connected across all devices.” It went on: “As the new name is rolled out across the existing SkyDrive portfolio, the service will continue to operate as normal with all content available on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business as before. Details of OneDrive’s availability will be shared soon.”


p>Microsoft also had to cease referring to its Tile design as Metro after German company Metro AG threatened legal action in late 2012.

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